How To Build a Website with Website Builder.

Are you looking to use a website builder for your own website but not sure how to use a website builder than here are the steps to build a website with a website builder.

I will be using the Godaddy website builder because of its 14 days trial. It is really easy to use. Most of the other builders are quite the same as this one.

Let’s start with Godaddy website builder.

  • Create an account.
    1. Go to
    2. Click on start trail of a website builder
    3. Then create an account
    4. After filling all the detail you will take to the website builder.
Choose the type of website
  • Choose the type of website
    1. Suppose you want a business website.
    2. Just click the category option and type the business.
    3. Enter the name of the site below and click continue
  • Theme
    1. If you want to change the theme of the site.
    2. Click on the theme
    3. Then chooses whichever you like.
    4. And then click ok.k
Change Color
  • Change Color.
    1. Click on the color picker on the right.
    2. or You can enter an RGB hex code.
    3. You will immediately see the difference.
font change
  • Change Fonts
    1. In theme option on the right, you will find font option.
    2. Change the font whatever you like then click on it.
  • Preview
    1. After changing the website frame you can check the preview.
    2. Just click the button on the right side above to see the preview.
editing website in godaddy website builder
  • Editing
    1. Click on what part you want to edit.
    2. then on the right side, a dialog box appears.
    3. Click on it and change the text.
    4. then save it
    5. If you want to remove some part then
    6. Click on it and
    7. On the right side below there delete option appears just click on it to remove the part from the website.
  • Adding content
    1. To add content just click on the plus sign on a website where you want to add content.
    2. Then lots of option appear.
    3. According to your requirement add the content just by clicking on it.
changing page content
  • Change pages
    1. Click on right side page option.
    2. Then click on what page you want to edit.
    3. Then edit in the same way as above.
  • Site Setting
    1. It is the option which is used to change the setting of
      1. Domain.
      2. SEO
      3. Social Account detail
      4. Google Analytics
      5. icon of the website(favicon).
  • After setting
    1. Click on publish to publish your website.

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