My Decision

My life is very empty and boring therefore I have made a decision.

Its been for a while since I completed my graduation from that day to this day, all-day I did was nothing other than watching something on the internet but as I was passing time watching them doing nothing or may sometime do something still i feel empty from inside.

therefore I have decided to change my life by committing myself to do something that will be doing marketing and learning marketing.

I am decided to become a marketer.

I completed my graduation in hospitality management but I don’t want to work in the hotel industry because I don’t want the life of a hotelier.

I always want a free and independent life so, I can enjoy this life on the earth that is given to me by the god. And I know that digital marketing or marketing can make my dream come true. Therefore my passion and profession will be marketing.

I don’t have much knowledge in marketing but I am starting with digital marketing that I will be going to learn from some free online platforms.

I never knew this

Actually I don’t know that marketing is my passion or if I have a talent for this or not but I am clear about one thing that it will the decision that will change my life from boring to something else.

Now I am just made a decision for myself then I just have to take action by learning and doing this for others.

And I know if I will commit to this line of work or this decision I definitely will have something to stand for.


Everything starts from the taking decision and after that next step is to take action without being afraid of the result then if you stay committed to your decision, you will definitely acquire your goal.

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